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Ryan Poirier, ASA, CFA, FRM
Does Market Timing with Trend-Following Signals Work? A Statistical Perspective
Market timing sounds great in theory. Who wouldn’t want to be in the market on the way up and out before the market turn...
Tony Barchetto, CFA
Momentum Unplugged - Part 2
In early December 2018, we highlighted the rebalancing of iShares’ MTUM (tracks the MSCI USA Momentum Index), which norm...
Ryan Poirier, ASA, CFA, FRM
Can’t Drive Forward Using Only the Rearview Mirror
Risk is often viewed in the rearview mirror. Wall Street typically defines risk in terms of volatility—the uncertainty o...
Ryan Poirier, ASA, CFA, FRM
QQQ: Your Hidden Market Risk, Revealed
The current market conditions are anything but predictable. Bulls and bears have been trading punches since the start of...
Tony Barchetto, CFA
Momentum Unplugged
The biggest momentum ETF in the market just got a makeover as of November 30th—and not everyone may like its new haircut...
Tony Barchetto, CFA
Salt ETFs Perspective: Don’t Judge an ETF by the ADV
In one of our earlier posts, we outlined some simple trading tips for investors and advisers trading US equity-based ETF...
Ryan Poirier, ASA, CFA, FRM
Red or Blue…Investors See Green?
With the election now history, investors can focus on the rest of the year with one less uncertainty. But what can they ...
Ryan Poirier, ASA, CFA, FRM
October: A Trick or Treat for Bears?
Halloween was yesterday, and October lived up to its reputation as a scary month for the markets with the S&P dropping 6...
Ryan Poirier, ASA, CFA, FRM
Gimme Shelter: High Beta Stocks Tend to Outperform When Rates Rise
Many investors fear rising rates could lead to poor performance for stocks, although the link between the two is not a...
Tony Barchetto, CFA
Mega-cap tech is driving most of the market gain so far in 2018. Is that unusual?
The top 5 contributors to S&P 500 return this year drove 42.4% of the gain through Q3 2018[*] The weighted average co...