Salt Financial Indices

Rules-based strategies leveraging Salt Financial’s sophisticated risk analytics, including truBeta® and truVol®. Helping asset managers, investment banks, insurance carriers, and advisors better target risk to meet their investment objectives and seek outperformance.


truVol® Indices

Indices designed to manage risk by responding rapidly to changing volatility conditions. Powered by the truVol® Risk Control Engine (RCE), Salt's next generation volatility forecasting mechanism.

Name Index Ticker Last Day 3M YTD 1Y
Salt truVol US Large Cap Dynamic Hedge Index SFTDH 493.95 0.73% 4.33% 12.02% 22.32%
Salt truVol US Equity Target Risk 4.5 (Excess Return) SFTR4 187.30 0.32% 2.97% 5.64% 11.25%
Salt truVol SPY Balanced 4.25 (Excess Return) SFBAL 244.65 0.21% 3.02% 2.54% 6.18%
Salt truVol QQQ Balanced 5 (Excess Return) SFQBAL 282.62 0.15% 3.16% 0.92% 4.50%

Partner Indices

Proprietary quantitative investment strategies powered by truVol. Developed in partnership with global investment banks for use in fixed index annuities by leading insurance carriers.

Name Index Ticker Last Day 3M YTD 1Y
Credit Suisse truVol US Target Sectors Index CSEATVUS 273.63 0.07% 1.71% 3.26% 5.70%
Credit Suisse Tech Edge Index CSEATEDG 290.74 0.12% 1.40% 0.69% 2.90%

*Partner Indices are sponsored and calculated using the truVol Risk Control Engine or other technologies under license from Salt Financial Indices. Certain index methodologies may have been contributed in development or data inputs delivered to support ongoing calculation.

US Equity Indices

Differentiated equity strategies leveraging Salt’s risk analytics and quantitative research for use in index-linked products.

Broad Market
Name Index Ticker Last Day 3M YTD 1Y
Salt 52-Week High Index SFFTW 2921.29 1.14% 5.14% 13.98% 57.46%
Salt High truBeta US Market Index SFMGXT 14301.67 0.67% -0.28% 12.94% 57.06%
Salt Hi-Lo Risk Momentum Index SFHILOT 26593.60 0.95% 2.12% 12.10% 31.95%
Salt Low truBeta US Market Index SFSTBT 17163.15 1.06% 4.47% 12.63% 22.06%
Salt Sector-Neutral Low Beta Index SFLBC 1466.10 1.01% 1.97% 15.44% 33.36%

Name Index Ticker Last Day 3M YTD 1Y
Salt Basic Materials Total Sector Low Beta Index SFLBB 1810.92 0.83% 0.60% 14.05% 33.87%
Salt Consumer Cyclical Total Sector Low Beta Index SFLBY 1354.60 0.91% 2.65% 20.22% 51.69%
Salt Consumer Defensive Total Sector Low Beta Index SFLBP 1529.02 1.03% -0.27% 8.36% 16.26%
Salt Energy Total Sector Low Beta Index SFLBE 638.60 0.00% 6.68% 31.62% 40.22%
Salt Financial Services Total Sector Low Beta Index SFLBF 1151.98 0.68% 1.49% 22.36% 47.35%
Salt Health Care Total Sector Low Beta Index SFLBV 2445.26 0.80% 3.93% 9.69% 23.44%
Salt Industrials Total Sector Low Beta Index SFLBI 1549.58 0.99% 2.73% 21.01% 47.49%
Salt Real Estate Total Sector Low Beta Index SFLBR 2414.85 1.10% 10.00% 27.08% 64.70%
Salt Technology & Communications Total Sector Low Beta Index SFLBT 1161.59 0.85% 3.30% 11.17% 38.08%
Salt Utilities Total Sector Low Beta Index SFLBU 1030.19 1.38% -0.90% 9.04% 12.12%

The Garage

The Garage offers a sneak peek at index concepts in development at Salt Financial. These strategies are in the late stages of product development— ready for fund sponsors, asset managers, and investment banks to license or further customize to their needs for use in funds or other investment vehicles.

Name Index Ticker Last Day 3M YTD 1Y
Salt Blue Chip Reversal Index SFBCR 4843.49 0.86% 5.10% 7.77% 15.80%
Salt Cyclical Industry Index SFCYCI 490.44 0.73% 2.48% 12.55% 49.39%
Salt Defensive Industry Index SFDEFI 2801.80 0.63% 0.76% 11.08% 27.31%
Salt Market Movers Index SFMMV 607.07 -0.04% -2.30% 2.48% 56.28%
Salt Snapback Sector Rotation Index SFSSR 759.87 1.10% 3.11% 13.06% 26.59%
Salt truVol ENZO US Large Cap 5 (Excess Return) SF812 172.92 0.40% 2.93% 5.56% 10.34%

All information for an index prior to its Inception Date is back-tested, based on the methodology that was in effect on the Inception Date. Back-tested performance, which is hypothetical and not actual performance, can frequently result in material differences between back-tested results and actual results achieved by an investment strategy. For additional legal information and disclosures on the limitations of back-tested performance, please visit here.

truVol® Risk Control Engine


A high-performance toolkit designed for index products that dynamically manage market exposure. truVol-powered indices are built with the goal of outperforming standard methods of volatility control used in structured notes, annuities, and exchange-traded products.


Salt Financial Indices are available to license for exchange-traded funds, model portfolios, structured products, annuities and other investment vehicles.

For additional information on licensing or custom index development using truBeta® and truVol®, contact 646-779-1010 or