Index and Portfolio Strategies

Rules-based strategies leveraging Salt Financial’s sophisticated risk analytics, including truBeta™. Helping investors, advisors, and portfolio managers by better targeting risk to meet their investment objectives and seek outperformance.

Salt Financial Indices (SFI) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Salt Financial. Select SFI strategies are available to license for exchange-traded funds, model portfolios, structured products, and other investing vehicles.


truBeta™ Indices

Core building blocks targeting specific levels of market risk using truBeta, a forward-looking forecast of market sensitivity we believe to be more accurate and responsive than traditional measures.

Name Index Ticker truBeta Last Day MTD 3M YTD Since Inception Inception Date Documents
Salt High truBeta
US Market Index
SFMGXT 1.44 8429.62 1.89% 1.89% 2.09% -12.37% 7.31% 2018-02-07 Methodology
Salt Low truBeta
US Market Index
SFSTBT 0.83 13572.8 0.79% 0.79% 0.08% -7.71% 12.23% 2018-10-23 Methodology
Salt Hi-Lo Risk
Momentum Index
SFHILOT 0.96 19463 1.02% 1.02% 1.11% -8.27% 2.52% 2019-05-13 Methodology

truVol™ Risk Control Indices

The truVol Risk Control Engine is an advanced method of targeting risk with more responsiveness to volatility shocks for use in risk-controlled investment products. Engineered to integrate with a variety of benchmark and proprietary strategies, the truVol Risk Control Engine offers configurable parameters for volatility and aggressiveness that can be customized for use in structured notes, fixed index annuities, or other index-linked products.

The indices below pair the truVol Risk Control Engine with a broad market equity benchmark (the Solactive US Large & Midcap Index). These indices, the stand-alone truVol Risk Control Engine, and custom integrations with other benchmarks and strategies are all available for licensing.

Name Base Equity Exposure* Last Day MTD 3M YTD Since Inception Inception Date
Salt US Market truVol
RCE 10 (Total Return)
US Large and Midcap 403.35 0.12% 0.12% -0.91% -6.67% -0.01% 2019-09-30
Salt US Market truVol
RCE 8 (Excess Return)
US Large and Midcap 239.2 0.10% 0.10% -0.87% -6.73% -0.70% 2019-09-30
Salt US Market truVol
RCE 4 (Excess Return)
US Large and Midcap 158.32 0.05% 0.05% -0.39% -3.36% -1.18% 2019-09-30

*Base Equity Exposure is the Solactive US Large & Midcap Index, a benchmark featuring the top 1000 US stocks by market capitalization, administered and calculated by Solactive AG. Click here for additional information.

Portfolio Strategies

Salt Portfolio Strategies offer advisors and investors simple models featuring core truBeta building blocks in combination with third-party ETFs. They are designed to illustrate the power of truBeta as a portfolio construction tool to complement a core investment strategy.

All portfolios are rebalanced once annually, on December 31st, re-allocating to their initial asset allocations.

Name truBeta Last Day MTD 3M YTD Since Inception Inception Date
20% High truBeta
80% iShares 7-10 Yr Treasury (IEF)
0.33 276.63 0.36% 0.36% 4.15% 6.66% 24.90% 2018-11-20
35% High truBeta
65% iShares Core
US Aggregate Bond (AGG)
0.43 283.95 0.54% 0.54% 2.04% -0.59% 18.35% 2018-11-20
30% High truBeta
70% SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY)
1.12 753.85 0.82% 0.82% 3.31% -6.82% 18.34% 2018-11-20

For information on licensing SFI indices or strategies, contact 646-779-1050 or

Calculated as of Jun 1, 2020. All indices are administered by SFI with calculation services provided by Solactive AG. All Portfolio Strategies are managed and calculated by SFI using data provided by Bloomberg LP.

truBeta™ estimates are forecasts are based on Salt Financial analytics as of the calculation date.