We partner with leading institutions, providing risk-focused tools and index design for retirement solutions and investment management.

Investment Banks

A select group of banks providing structuring and hedging for truVol-powered index products.


Product and marketing specialists collaborating on development of new strategies for fixed index annuities.

Insurance Carriers

Top providers of fixed index annuities offering innovative index strategies.

Index Providers

Offering key benchmarks and calculation services powered by truVol analytics.

Asset Managers

Prominent money managers leveraging truVol for risk control in their index strategies.

Why Partner With Salt?

We pride ourselves on a collaborative and iterative process designed to help our partners differentiate their products and compete in the market.

Focused Specialist

We leverage our expertise with high-frequency data and volatility management to develop sophisticated investment strategies.

Value Oriented

We license our indices and analytics to partners at competitive rates for differentiated products.

Platform Agnostic

We remain flexible in our approach to branding with partners and implementation through relationships with multiple index calculation agents.

Trusted Partner

We collaborate closely with our partners to develop indices using our proprietary analytics and a rapid, iterative design process.

Risk Control Engine

Next-generation volatility forecasting

Clients and Partners