Financial Advisors

We provide ETFs and analytics to help advisors fine-tune portfolios to meet their clients' risk objectives.



Funds powered by truBeta analytics targeting higher or lower sensitivity to moves in the broader market.

Data & Analytics

Proprietary risk metrics for all US listed equities and ETFs to help construct and manage portfolios.

Portfolio Strategies

Salt Portfolio Strategies offer advisors and investors simple models featuring core truBeta building blocks in combination with third-party ETFs. They are designed to illustrate the power of truBeta as a portfolio construction tool to complement a core investment strategy.

All portfolios are rebalanced once annually, on December 31st, re-allocating to their initial asset allocations.

Name truBeta Last Day MTD 3M YTD Since Inception Inception Date
20% High truBeta
80% iShares 7-10 Yr Treasury (IEF)
0.19 374.63 0.45% 0.60% 2.82% 9.89% 28.69% 2018-11-20
35% High truBeta
65% iShares Core
US Aggregate Bond (AGG)
0.42 299.64 0.72% 0.24% 4.72% 4.90% 24.89% 2018-11-20
30% High truBeta
70% SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY)
1.11 831.37 1.76% -3.83% 9.78% 3.11% 30.95% 2018-11-20

Calculated as of Sep 25, 2020. All Portfolio Strategies are managed and calculated by SFI using data provided by Morningstar.

truBeta™ estimates are forecasts are based on Salt Financial analytics as of the calculation date.